I Walk Alone


4-gardenerThe photos are of the Scottish borders. You can click a mosaic pic to see it larger and arrow through them all while you listen to the song.

Fuddling Day


The old music halls, the ’60s folk clubs and the modern ‘sessions’, pictured here, all began life in pubs. The folk clubs and the sessions have largely stayed there. It seems to be their natural home. (And now, thank goodness, smoke-free.)

Fuddling Day was one of the earliest songs in my professional repertory. The serious subject is mitigated by the cheery tune and good chorus that had audiences joining in enthusiastically, which was very encouraging for a novice folk singer. I could have done with having some audience participation on this recording.

The Penny Wager


The young man in our song has good reason to be sanguine if his life always runs as smoothly and carefree as this. Free lodgings and a kiss from the landlady… luxury! Incidentally, I laughed at one point in this song because inexplicably I decided to do a different ‘twiddle’ on my guitar between verses, and it worked. It isn’t always like that. Usually I ruin a perfectly good recording trying out something I haven’t practised or intended.

Mind Your Eye


The picture, by Patricia Jacobs Photography is of  The Seven Dials Rapscallions an arresting, realistic and sometimes rather alarming street theatre company! (Click on the name and see.) The song is from The Gardener, volume 3 in a series of albums of mainly traditional songs collected over fifty years. There’s more in the menus above.

Henry V And The King Of France

Henry V by Sallygipsypunk. jpg.jpg

I was singing this traditional song in all innocence at a folk club in the 70s when in came a group of young people who sat down in the back row. They got up and left at the end of the song, which was not the usual reaction to my singing, and when my set was over I asked the club organiser who they were. “Oh,” he said, “just some French students here for the week.” I was sorry not to have done better for international relations than sing them a song of an episode that took place 600 years ago, but which obviously still rankled.

The superb painting of Henry V is by SallyGypsyPunk at DeviantArt.