The Coffee Pot Song

As we rode out 3 12 Completeness

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Singer, musician & cyclist.
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2 Responses to The Coffee Pot Song

  1. Mick Hursey says:

    I’m sure you won’t remember me Ken, but I have the coffee pot song written in your fair hand on an old scrap of paper from an evening at the Stevenage folk club many years ago (I seem to recall an exchange with the Elephants Bottom). Lovely memories, and I’m pleased you’re still in such fine voice. Best regards, Mick & Joy Hursey.

    • songshepherd says:

      What a pleasure to hear from you Mick & Joy! By coincidence, as you may have noticed, a version of ‘Elephant’ is the next track on the album, though I haven’t put the recording on Song Shepherd. I collected a huge number of songs in my notebooks on my travels (many of them previously unrecorded) and this website is one way of saying thankyou and sharing them. I’m so pleased that you called by. Until last week Song Shepherd was anonymous! Many thanks for your kind comment on my voice! With good wishes to you both. Shep.

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