Month: November 2015

Whose Pigs Are These?

Our daughter Emily was four when she came home from nursery school with Whose Pigs Are These? which soon became part of my schools’ repertory. The tune is the same as another traditional song Three Rogues of Lyn and was a jolly challenge for my…

Nobody’s Fault But Mine

A demo recording for a guitar class.

Wayfaring Stranger

Demo recording for a guitar class.

Hesitation Blues

A demo for my guitar class. I know two completely different songs called Hesitation Blues. I heard this one, which is not at all well-known, on a crackly old 78, but with no label so I don’t know who sang it, or anything about…

I Know My Babe

A demo recording for one of my guitar classes.

Georgia On My Mind

Written in 1930 by Stuart Morrell and Hoagy Carmichael, this was a demo recording for one of my guitar classes.


Richard Peaslee’s beautiful music complements Lewis Carrol’s acrostic poem looking back on the beginnings of a story which captured the world’s imagination and changed his life forever.