Locks & Bolts


I’m indebted to Mary and Bill in Florida for telling me about The Max Hunter Collection.  (http://maxhunter.missouristate.edu) Just before Christmas I listened to many of the field recordings and was particularly taken with Harrison Burnett’s fine singing and wrote out his version of Locks & Bolts recorded in 1960. As so often these days I forgot about it until this morning when I came across my notes and decided I must record a demo of the song right away – the first on my new Martin 00-28VS. Some years ago Judith, an old friend in Sussex, sent me a photograph she’d taken in France which she said might be useful for an album one day. I said I knew just the song. But Locks & Bolts was seldom collected in England or America, and at the time I had only a couple of confused copies. However, thanks to Mary and Judith, I now have a singable version and the makings, perhaps, of an album in the near future.


2 thoughts on “Locks & Bolts

  1. Lovely song. I started an earlier comment, deleted by mistake, came back to the page and have now listened! My first, now lost, comment assumed you might have known a song with the line ‘ oh locks and bolts, locks and bolts may hinder’ which I think I have on a CD either from Steeleye or Fairport (haven’t checked yet), but the lyrics and tone of your song sound very different.
    Glad the picture has found its moment. My library of images grows weekly – what to do with them all? But I do love capturing these moments.

    • The only versions I knew previously of Locks & Bolts were from an EFDSS book and some Victorian broadsides. Take a cup of tea with you, settle down and listen to Harrison Burnett singing this! Thank you for listening, for the pic, and for writing!

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