Adieu, My Lovely Nancy

img258 8 LocksThe Hitchin Gathering, where the photo was taken, was a long-standing tradition that took place on a Saturday once a year in the north Hertfordshire market town. Folk dance groups from all over Britain, and some from elsewhere, took over the Town Hall, under the guiding hand of Yvonne & Brian Limbrick with a fine team of welcomers and helpers from the Staplers Folk Dance Club. It was very crowded and exciting. Along with the folk dancing displays were more formal Playford dances, and Offley morris and other sides were regulars. Between each of the dancing sets was usually a small band, a folk group, a solo musician, and a solo singer. For some years I was the singer. Each performer had their own person to look after them and get them to the right place at the right time; mine was always Ann Gibson, a lovely lady who, I think, still takes a leading part in the Staplers. The photo was taken in 1977. Those were the days when I was completely relaxed on stage and could remember all the words to the most complicated or lengthy songs!

Adieu, My Lovely Nancy is from the album Locks & Bolts (see Menu 7).

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