Month: February 2016

The American Stranger

There’s more about the album Locks & Bolts, which includes this song, in menu 7.

A Young Man Came Courting

This, of course, is a woman’s song, but by folk tradition men and women in Britain and North America have never been overly concerned about singing each other’s songs.    Happy Valentine’s day! There’s more about the album Locks & Bolts, which includes this…

Saddled The Cow

From my 2005 jokey album Scuffle, Rosco Gordon’s 1951 song Saddle The Cow just goes to show how a hug can change things.

Oh Papa

A guitar class demo of a song that Stefan Grossman used to play.

Lucky Jim

Lucky Jim, a witty song written by Charles Horwitz & Frederick V Bowers in 1896, was the title of a very successful 1954 novel by Kingsley Amis which was made into an equally acclaimed 1957 film starring Ian Carmichael and Terry-Thomas. The movie has only the…

Jamaica Farewell

From Guitar, a double album of songs for beginners. See Retro. I think the photo is of the brig Unicorn, in the Caribbean.

North Country Maid

Home Dearest Home