Month: March 2016

How We Saved The Barge

The ‘barge’ in our story is really a narrowboat. I’ve forgotten who wrote it but it’s from the 1930s I think, and performed by Bransby Williams.

Swinging On The Gate

The Mermaid

From the double album Guitar (see Retro). Many thanks to John Groves for his outstanding painting.

I Wish I Was A Tree

Football Crazy

Football Crazy was popular with children in the 1950s to 80s (some versions are in my rhymes collection) but after Robin Hall & Jimmie MacGregor polished up the street song and sang it on the BBC television programme Tonight, it became widely known to adults too. Fifty years later…

The Cliffs Of Moher

A brief demo recording of a haunting traditional Irish tune. The hesitancy in my playing is because I have no head for heights, and Moher is very high. Some day it would be good to get a band together again and do the music and…

Circassian Circle

Circassian Circle is traditionally the last dance of the evening in England, or the part I come from anyway. There’s a photo of greatly missed Alison & Kate in our final outstanding barn dance band, Shropshire Occasionals, in Tunes.