Island In The Sun


The song was recorded on a double album for my beginner guitar classes. (See Retro) Much as I like the song and enjoy a bit of sunshine it is not my pleasure to have a daily dose of it throughout the year.DSCF6403It’s certainly more fun cycling when it’s dry, though I am at an age where showing my knees gives me no pleasure at all and frightens the sheep.DSCF5124.jpgLike many people, when it’s sunny and warm I sit in the shade and look at it, rather than burn.DSCF5123.jpgWith a hat to shield me from the fierce heat I often venture out on foot to photograph the wild flowers (these are hawkbit, which sprang up one year at the roadside and have never returned) …DSCF3482.jpgor sit in the conservatory and enjoy the pleasant company of a visitor from North America…DSCF6495.jpgor South Africa. Britain is an island of four seasons in all kinds of weather and I like it all.

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