Down In The City


In the 1974 I wrote a multi-media travelling theatre presentation which twenty of us took around England in a bus. The show, made up of songs, sketches and dancing, was called ‘Here In The Distance’ and explored, in a light way, the theme of relationships in society. The venture was funded by the British Council of Churches, our home churches (we came from different parts of the country) and our own pockets. The song describes my visit to London when I was gathering ideas for the production.

The photos are nothing to do with the travelling theatre but were taken on a rare visit to the capital on our way to the south coast in 2010. The parks were eerily quiet and it was a while before we discovered that all plane flights had been cancelled because of volcanic dust from the eruption in Iceland. The top photo is of the small town on the north east Marches where I’m glad to live.

The song was recorded in 1981 (see Retro) with Sue Ashby piano – Will Fletcher  viola – Phil Milner  bass guitar – Nigel Pegrum  percussion.

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