On Rainy Days

img263College friend Mags and I first met Gene from upstate New York in 1988 on a 900 mile, 3 week cycle ride from London to Skye with 60 other riders. It was superbly organised by John of John’s Bikes in Bristol.img262We camped over night and slept in our own tents with our bicycles leaning companionably against each other. During the day our modest baggage was carried by a small lorry, which also housed a mobile bicycle workshop for wheel Maestro Lol to keep our steeds in perfect repair. Our breakfast, afternoon tea and evening meal was consistently the best I’ve ever had. It made every day a treat. For our entertainment the entourage included a pair of hilarious actors, and some musicians. There was an official photographer and a nurse. Nothing was left to chance but the weather!

To Skye 2That ride was so good and we got on so well that Mags, Gene and I arranged to meet up the following year for a 2 week triangular ride from Stevenage to Wales to Somerset and back. This time we kept our baggage weight down by sleeping in the luxury of Youth Hostels.

Tomorrow’s Song Shepherd will be about that excellent second tour and instead of a song or music there’ll be a traditional tale for you..

Today there’s one of the many rarities from my bicycle songs collection. See Menu 4

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