Month: June 2016

A Hundred Miles

A Hundred Miles is one of many songs on a cycling theme I gathered during more than fifty years of folk singing. I recorded twenty for the album An Old-Fashioned Bicycle (see Menu 4 and scroll down for the titles and links). I must say I don’t…

My Canary’s Got Circles Under His Eyes

Happening upon some yarn storming is sure to beat the blues. It’s a most civilised form of graffiti and I love it and admire the patience, skill and inventiveness of the artists.

Roger’s Courtship

Cardigan Woolsey, at St Peter’s Street Summer Market in Ipswich, looks more regal than ever thanks to the splendid crochet work of an anonymous yarn stormer. I thoroughly approve of this sort of thing. There was a brief outbreak of wild knitting in north Shropshire four years ago,…

The Roving Journeyman

The photo is the elaborate bell alcove in Gloucester of moving figures, left to right, representing Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales on either side of Father Time.

Three Rogues Of Lynn

Long Looked For

Love Will Never Conquer Me

Written by Francis McPeake, I’m surprised I didn’t sing this enjoyable song more often.