Month: July 2016

Twice Saved

One of a handful of lesser-known traditional stories that I’m presently recording.

Ball O’ Yarn

My good lady is also an excellent knitter and dressmaker. Here’s a little sample from recent months. The rainbow is by Emily and the serpent in the tree is by the mysterious Knitting Goddess.

Fair Maid On The Shore

There’s a long tradition in English folk song of women coming off best against the odds. Some employ charms, some herbs, drink or cunning, but all are better thinkers. In this song a ship full of pirates are no match for her voice and an appropriate song. The…

Billy Is A Jolly Sailor


Stone Soup

The Cuckoo

Cecil Sharp collected this lovely version of the song. Cuckoo Fairs, which are quite another matter, are held in Spring each year, particularly in Laughton in East Sussex, Heffle (Heathfield) East Sussex and Downton, Wiltshire. There’s even a Cuckoo Trail bicycle route!

The Shoemaker’s Kiss

In this quiet market town we go in for flowers all through the year and there are displays on lamp posts, shop walls, poles stuck in the middle of the pavement, and even the public loos, as well as houses of course. It all adds…