David Turns The Page


Dave was a teacher in early 1970s Stevenage. Unhappy with his school and the students he was pleased to find a folk club, and a way out of teaching for good. He decided to become a club performer. He already played piano and I was happy to show him the rudiments of folk guitar, give him a few songs to get him started and be driven to my own bookings by him, where he’d play the ‘floor spots’. He was a single-minded and remarkably quick learner, and it wasn’t long before he tumbled into professional singing. Eventually he moved back to his beloved West Country, where he was at home in both senses of the word, and continued his playing and song writing until his early death in 2011.

I wrote ‘David Turns The Page’ and first recorded it in 1981 for the album Close Relations. It was a song he liked. I made the present, more reflective, recording early this morning because I was thinking about him.

img123Thank you Emily, who also likes the song, for some flower photos. This pic is Dave with my daughters Helen & Emily in the late 1970s when we were all quite young.

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Singer, musician & cyclist.
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2 Responses to David Turns The Page

  1. Mrs Vicarage says:

    Lovely! Pictures, story & song. 😍

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