Hey For Somersetshire


7Dials 4.jpegThe countryside photos are all Shropshire, because that’s my home; the dancers are my favourite Pigsty Morris, because the song’s about dancing and there’s none better; and the band is one of our Stevenage barn dance bands, because the song is sung by one of the players. (I could have done with their help for this recording.) It’s also in memory of Len Sim, far right, who was a very talented musician on fiddle, piano and wind instruments, an arranger for brass band, as well as a super secondary school class teacher.

Hey For Somersetshire is from my album, Seven Dials (see menu 7).

The Handsome Cabin Boy

Cabin Boy BlueberryTale.jpg                                                                                                           


7Dials 2.jpegThank you very much indeed Blueberry-Tale for the excellent photograph of the cabin boy.

From my new album Seven Dials – in menu 7 – where there’s more about the songs.