Month: October 2016

Sally & Jemmy

Long Grey Beard

From the album Seven Dials (see menu 7).

The Lowlands Of Holland

From the album Seven Dials (see menu 7).

Hey For Somersetshire

The countryside photos are all Shropshire, because that’s my home; the dancers are my favourite Pigsty Morris, because the song’s about dancing and there’s none better; and the band is one of our Stevenage barn dance bands, because the song is sung by one of…


From the album Seven Dials in menu 7.

The Handsome Cabin Boy


The Rambling Soldier

On the day of recording I had a sore throat, but went ahead anyway as I thought the old soldier would sound more authentic. From the album Seven Dials – in menu 7, appropriately enough – where you’ll find an explanation of the title and a…