Month: November 2016

All The Songs

A Jizzle Of Sparrows There are over 600 posts on SongShepherd and it’s time to have a break for a while. I’m no spring chicken and the web site uses a great deal of time every day, taking the photos, finding, editing, arranging and recording the songs, music…

A Brisk Young Sailor

From the album The Hawthorn Bush. (See menu 2)

The Old Couple

The photo is of my paternal grandparents in 1964. You may like to know that my grandmother was saying out of the corner of her mouth, ‘Who is this man?’

When Good King Arthur Ruled

The photo of King Arthur at table is genuine. Please ignore the blue nail varnish of his Lady and red plastic cup.Their musicians were the Maranella Medieval Minstrels who played to great acclaim not thirty leagues hence.

Squire & The Gypsy

The Bold Benjamin

Autumn Days