All The Songs

RIMG0003.jpgA Jizzle Of Sparrows

There are over 600 posts on SongShepherd and it’s time to have a break for a while. I’m no spring chicken and the web site uses a great deal of time every day, taking the photos, finding, editing, arranging and recording the songs, music and stories, making the artwork and the CDs, writing the SongShepherd post, and so on, and I’ve enjoyed it immensely!



Thank you for listening to the songs. I hope giving myself more time will mean I’ll be able to carry on recording, in a less driven sort of way, and have some watercolours to add to my other artwork next year.

RIMG0006.JPG.jpgPutney & Che

Wren small.jpeg


2 thoughts on “All The Songs

  1. And I jolly well hope you are sitting by a cosy fire etc………Thank you for the music and the pictures. We’ll keep listening.

    • Thank you Judith! I have certainly done a lot more sitting than usual today, mostly looking at the many books I received this morning (all of which have pleased and inspired me) sending thankyou emails, and eating scrummy food! I’m glad you’ll keep listening because I hope to keep recording. x

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