Month: November 2016

See It Come Down

Autumn Leaves

A demo recording for a guitar class of the nostalgic Jacque Prévert and Joseph Kosma song with English lyrics by Johnny Mercer.

Little Mohee

For the first time on SongShepherd, this is the original version of Little Mohee, recorded in 1981 with a great little band of friends, who never managed to all be together in the studio at the same time. Happy days, happy song! (More in Retro)

Three Rogues Of Lynn


Thomas Hood’s classic description of a disorientating pea-souper. The black and white photos are of the 1952 London smog.

The Contented man

From the album Seven Dials. See menu 7 for more of this collection of songs printed by the presses of Seven dials in London in the 18th & 19th century.

Down In Our Village

From the album Seven Dials (see menu 7). Click on a mosaic pic for larger photos.