Month: November 2016

The Cuckoo

From the album Seven Dials. Menu 7 has the info.


One of my favourite songs from the album Seven Dials (see menu 7 for more). The photo is close to the right area. Click on the mosaic for a better view of this lovely area.

A Wild & Wicked Youth

The song is from my album Seven Dials. I’ve written in Menu 7 about the Bodleian Library collection of songs printed in Seven Dials and elsewhere, if you’d care to look. The top photo was taken just outside Newry, on a handsome cycle route.

Jockey To The Fair

The top picture is from that excellent artist Trevor Mitchell whose works have graced our table many a time in the form of nostalgic jigsaw puzzles. The photos show a handful of the many village fetes and fairs that thrive throughout England. Great fun!


From the album Seven Dials (see menu 7).

The Miller’s Sons

Times have changed! Nowadays there are many restored water and wind mills in England and although most are no longer used for milling, many are open to visitors. It’s a treat to visit old mills that still produce a small amount of flour which…