Love Is The Greatest Thing

‘Go to the park,’ said my wife, ‘someone’s leaving Christmas angels on the benches for people to find!’ So down I went and sure enough I saw one and took a photo.IMG_2643.jpg I walked about looking for more but they’d all been taken. Then I saw someone coming my way with a couple of large bags.IMG_2645 2.jpg‘Are you the angel lady?’ She laughed and said ‘Yes, would you like one?’ So I took an angel home. IMG_2728.JPGAngel means messenger and the message is on the label.

The perceptive song was written by Ray Noble in 1932, and after finding the angel with the message I thought of it in a quite different light.


If you go to you’ll find, among other information, how to knit an angel. Perhaps even be one.

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Singer, musician & cyclist.
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4 Responses to Love Is The Greatest Thing

  1. Judith Griffiths says:

    Lovely story, lovely pics, lovely song with a message of love. …..Love to all.

  2. Mrs Vicarage says:

    How lovely to meet the angel lady too!

    • songshepherd says:

      She thought it was charming to be called an angel lady; it made her laugh. I don’t know what I would have said if she hadn’t been the lady with the angels! Thank you for your note! K xx

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