Only A Step Away

I was asked to provide some songs for a school play about a land ruled in a strict and orderly fashion by  The Directors, who introduce themselves to the audience thus:

The turning point of the play comes when a little girl wonders if things have to be so joyless and efficient… and things change for good.

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Singer, musician & cyclist.
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2 Responses to Only A Step Away

  1. DT says:

    Gosh! I remember being a “Director and singing this song at school. I often have it in my head almost 30 years later.

    • SongShepherd says:

      Thank you so much for writing! It was good to come home from holiday and find your note. I kept all my songs – those I wrote and those I collected from other people – in a huge archive of many boxes of diaries and notebooks. It was a lifetime’s work of more than sixty years, dating from my schoolboy days to the present and became so unwieldy and took up so much space, that after typing up and recording every song and writing out every rhyme in hardback books, I made a bonfire of the originals. Sadly I didn’t always keep a record of everyone’s name, the date or place, and other details. Which school were you at? It’s a delight to have the occasional communication from someone who remembers, particularly now that my memory is no longer photographic!

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