My Canary’s Got Circles Under His Eyes

the-economic-canary-in-the-coal-mine-has-hit-a-high-note.jpg Elsie Carlisle.jpg

Written by Ted Kohler, Edward Pola and Jack Golden, British dance band star Elsie Carlisle recorded My Canary’s Got Circles Under His Eyes in 1931 and so did Al BowllyMarion Harris, the Debroy Somers Band (Dan Donovan, vocalist), and Fred Spinelly’s Band.

The “Proops’ column”, mentioned in the song was an enormously popular regular dose of sound comment and advice from English ‘agony aunt’ Marjorie Proops in The Daily Mirror for thirty years.

Several people sang the song in the folk clubs around Hertfordshire in the mid to late 1960s. The best version came from the excellent Classic Jug Band. (Where are they now, I wonder?)