Month: January 2017

My Canary’s Got Circles Under His Eyes

Written by Ted Kohler, Edward Pola and Jack Golden, British dance band star Elsie Carlisle recorded My Canary’s Got Circles Under His Eyes in 1931 and so did Al Bowlly, Marion Harris, the Debroy Somers Band (Dan Donovan, vocalist), and Fred Spinelly’s Band. The “Proops’ column”, mentioned in…

How I’m Longing To Marry

Captains They Are Married

For a change here’s a Girl Guide song which comes from the collection  Judith Spurgeon made in her 1964 Guide days (second from the left in the photo). This is Cuffley Camp in Hertfordshire where schools, as well as Guides, enjoyed the woods as…

The Devil & The Ploughman

The Green Bed


I love this song. Richard Peaslee’s beautiful music complements Lewis Carrol’s acrostic poem that spells Alice’s name and looks back on the beginnings of a story which captured the world’s imagination and changed his life forever.

Sir Patrick Spens

Dunfermline was once the capital of Scotland. Click on a mosaic photo for a better view of them all as you listen to the song.