Captains They Are Married

img052.jpgFor a change here’s a Girl Guide song which comes from the collection  Judith Spurgeon made in her 1964 Guide days (second from the left in the photo).81b-rhymes-181c-rhymes

This is Cuffley Camp in Hertfordshire where schools, as well as Guides, enjoyed the woods as paying guests of the County Council. It was rough and ready and great fun.81d Rhymes.jpegThis is Patrol Leader’s blog of Guide songs:

I was never a fully fledged Scout but I did go camping and eventually made my living from music. The final photograph below shows us being awoken for breakfast on the 950 mile bike ride to the Isle of Skye. Perfect!

My own collection of rhymes, still being written up, may be found in the menu at the top of the page.

2 thoughts on “Captains They Are Married

  1. Of course I know that picture – and your source!! Are you testing me out to see how often I check Song Shepherd? I’ve spent much of today listening to my Fairport CDs while sewing, as we’re going to see them in Worthing on Thursday. Don’t suppose they’ll be singing Guide songs, but many of their traditional songs certainly focus on the themes of marriage, fidelity, courtship etc as reflected in many of your other posts, including How I’m Longing to Marry.

    • Thank you for looking in, Judith! No I don’t test anyone; I meant to write to let you know I would like to put your photo here, along with one of your splendid Guide songs, but it slipped my mind. I’m afraid I do a lot of that these days. As you know it was reading your own collection which you lent me that gave me the nudge to get all my rhymes out of their many notebooks and scraps of paper and into an accessible form while I’m still able, and I thank you again for that! Enjoy your Fairport concert!

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