Month: January 2017

Sunday Arternoon

The Snow Is Falling

Written by Ian Campbell & John Dunkerley.  

Prickle ‘Olly Bush

The first photo is actually a hawthorn, but Tristan Campbell‘s superb image of the tree at dawn was too good to resist. (And it’s far more prickly than holly, as the blue photograph shows, so it fits the song well.)

Sheep Under The Snow

Hearty Good Fellow

My earliest memory is of a man ploughing the field behind our house. From the album And You Sang Along (menu 3).

After the Rain

Some time ago, having written out the melody line of After the Rain, I thought a slightly baroque arrangement would work.¬† Not all the sampled orchestral instruments of Sibelius music software sound well, particularly the grouped strings in this edited version, but the oboe…

Wassail, Wassail

This¬†year in Leominster (pronounced Lemster) the Leominster Morris Men led the traditional wassailing of the apple trees. Herefordshire¬†isn’t the only place in England where this happens but this year it was photographed by Matt Cardy. I don’t know of any Leominster wassailing songs but…