Month: February 2017

Jenny Pluck Pears

The painting by Helen Galloway McNicol, now in Art Gallery of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, is The Apple Gatherer, 1911.

The Grey Mare

Down In The City

In the 1974 I compiled a travelling theatre presentation which twenty of us took around England in a bus. The show, made up of songs, sketches and dancing, was called ‘Here In The Distance’ and explored, in a light-hearted way, the theme of relationships in people and society….

David Turns The Page

Dave was a teacher in early 1970s Stevenage. Unhappy with his school and the students he was pleased to find a folk club, and a way out of teaching for good. He decided to become a club performer. He already played piano and I was happy to show…

Lucky Jim

Written by Charles Horwitz & Frederick Bowers in 1896, Lucky Jim was a little-known song until it was heard in the 1957 film of Kingsley Amis’s 1954 novel. Unfortunately book and film quote only the chorus. The story in the film and the book has…

Here’s To The Maiden

The photo is The Miltown Cloggies The song is from the album The Gardener (menu 2)


Johnny Burke & Erroll Garner wrote the song and the photograph is Misty Park by Abi Crawley. Happy Valentine’s Day!