Month: May 2017

The Lancashire Lads

Haymaking Courtship

The song is from the album Sounds & Sweet Airs. Thank you to Steve Wright for the Appletreewick photos with the two girls and Ron White for the Oxfordshire photo at the end. I know the song concerns┬áhaymaking but the pictures of the straw…

Polly On The Shore

From the album ‘Sounds & Sweet Airs’. The first painting, ‘Looking Out To Sea’, is by Norton William Edward 1888. I’ve lost the information about the second.


From the album Sounds & Sweet Airs (menu 1)

As I Roved Out

From the album Long Looked For (see menu 1 for more). Click on a mosaic pic and all the photos, which I took on a local cycle ride, will be larger so you can scroll through them while you listen to the song.

The Shores of Amerikay

My Own Darling Boy