Long And Wishing Eye


DSCF3720.JPGI’d forgotten, until yesterday, about this 2013 recording and how sweet my Amalio Burguet maple classical guitar sounded.

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3 Responses to Long And Wishing Eye

  1. mike says:

    Thanks Ken, that is a very beautiful song, as is your guitar. May I ask where you bought it and how much it was.

    Kind regards, Mike

    • songshepherd says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Mike. Many people listen; few write!

      I bought the Burguet maple guitar direct from The Fellowship of Acoustics, a Dutch guitar supplier, in 2012. I later learned that it had been on ebay for some time but no one bought it, presumably because of some superficial damage to the lacquer on the headstock. It disappeared for a while and reappeared with the lacquer made new, but it still didn’t sell. When they reduced the price to €1250 I snapped it up! The machine heads were very poor and I fitted top quality Rubner and after some considerable searching used Hannabach High-tension strings. Perfect! We never quarrelled! The guitar was either custom-made or possibly one of two. The number was 002 but I’ve never come across another Burguet like it. The nearest is the AB model. There’s a photo of my Burguet in About at the top of my web page. The Amalio Burguet web page is worth a visit.

      Arthritis in my left hand troubled me and regrettably I sold the guitar for the price I paid in December 2015 and bought a Martin 00-28VS, also pictured above.

      Thank you again for writing. Best wishes, and playing, Ken

  2. mike says:

    Thanks very much for your detailed story Ken. I suspected this was somewhat a unicorn guitar. It’s not listed on Burguet’s site so it’s most probably a custom build as you said. I think maple is one of the most underrated tone woods and hence the rarity. To me it has a special sound particularly in the treble, very singing quality. Hopefully I can find a nice maple guitar one day. Anyway, I’m glad to have found your web page and listen to your music.

    Kind regards, Mike

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