Month: May 2017

A Soldier Boy For Me

Collected by Cecil Sharp in the Appalachian Mountains sometime around 1916. From the album Long Looked For (menu 1).

Harbour of Days Gone By

Louise Antell, wrote Harbour Of Days Gone By in 1967 or 8. It was her only song and she sang it only once. By 2008 she had become a successful author named Louise Cooper and had forgotten all about it, but I hadn’t and asked if I might record…

The Bold Benjamin

From the album Harbour Of Days (menu 1).

Little Mohee

One of my favourite traditional songs, and Joanna Troughton’s perfect illustrations.   Click on the first group picture and arrow through as the song tells the story.  

Susan And The Sailor

The illustration is by Craig Fisher, the song is from the album Harbour Of Days (menu 1).

Long And Wishing Eye

I’d forgotten, until yesterday, about this 2013 recording and how sweet my Amalio Burguet maple classical guitar sounded.

A Fair Maid Was Walking

The painting is by George Elgar Hicks 1879. The song is from the album Harbour Of Days.