Month: June 2017

The Whistling Thief

The photos are of the Hampshire Downs (hills and breed of sheep). If you’ve not been here before you can read about this web site and SongShepherd by looking at About. I’m away in Hampshire for the next seven days or so, but do make…

I Walk Alone

The photos are of the Scottish borders. You can click a mosaic pic to see it larger and arrow through them all while you listen to the song.

Oh Dreedle Me

Fuddling Day

The old music halls, the ’60s folk clubs and the modern ‘sessions’, pictured here, all began life in pubs. The folk clubs and the sessions have largely stayed there. It seems to be their natural home. (And now, thank goodness, smoke-free.) Fuddling Day was…

The 23rd Of June

Once upon a time I associated the 23rd of June with this Irish song. Now the date is spoiled by the vote taken last year. Hey ho! Let’s have the song anyway. It’s a good’un and reminds me of my earliest folk days singing…

The Penny Wager

The young man in our song has good reason to be sanguine if his life always runs as smoothly and carefree as this. Free lodgings and a kiss from the landlady… luxury! Incidentally, I laughed at one point in this song because inexplicably I…

I Will Set My Ship In Order

I’ve completely forgotten where or when I came upon this ‘night-visiting’ song which I recorded in 2010 for the album The Gardener. It’s very old indeed and retains just a hint of the original supernatural element.