Month: July 2017

After The Rain

The music is part of a longer work I wrote in 2008. I like the sound of an oboe. The top photo of The Barge in Hertford is where I met my wife-to-be 49 years ago, or more correctly, in the single storey shed…

Hesitation Blues

  This was a demo for one of my guitar classes. I know two completely different songs called Hesitation Blues. I heard this one, which is not at all well-known, on a crackly old 78, but with no label so I don’t know who…

I Know My Babe

A demo recording of a song often asked for by my college guitar classes. The notebook artwork is by Emily.

Pay Me The Money Down

From the album The Green Bed. The superb top illustration is Heaving The Lead, by J A Atkinson 1803.  

The Cockerham Devil

Bob Jenkins wrote this about the local Cockerham legend and supplied the proof: The Devil’s Hoofprint on Broadfleet Bridge The Devil once resided at Cockerham, a prosperous village some 5 miles northwest of Pilling. His (or her) presence caused crop failure and livestock problems….

Let No Man Steal Your Thyme

The aromatic herb thyme has long been used in folk lore and English folk song as an obvious metaphor, along with that other evocative herb, rue. Thyme stands for courage and strength; and rue for regret. The hand print was made and photographed by…

Get A Little Table

A lesser-known music hall song and that’s all I know about it. I remember the wedding day though. Click a pic for a closer view.