Hesitation Blues



This was a demo for one of my guitar classes. I know two completely different songs called Hesitation Blues. I heard this one, which is not at all well-known, on a crackly old 78, but with no label so I don’t know who sang it, or anything about it except that he had a rather refined American accent and played piano.

If you are the fearless sort click on a pic to see them all larger. Take a look at the video too! (But not at the same time as listening to the song.) You can see it full screen. (Sorry about the unnecessary ‘music’.)

Chris said, “I’ve been a rope walker for 12 years and it was something I’d always dreamt of. I never thought I’d find a wife to agree but I proposed to Phoebe in Burma and one of the first conversations we had about it was me saying how cool it would be to get married on a high wire. She thought it was a crazy idea but to my surprise she actually said she’d be up for it.”


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Singer, musician & cyclist.
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