After The Rain

The Barge Hertford.jpeg

The music is part of a longer work I wrote in 2008. I like the sound of an oboe. The top photo of The Barge in Hertford is where I met my wife-to-be 49 years ago, or more correctly, in the single storey shed you can just see, at the birthday party of a mutual friend.

About SongShepherd

Singer, musician & cyclist.
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2 Responses to After The Rain

  1. Kathy nye says:

    I still have a newspaper clipping Of your wedding. I used to go out with Pete Cunningham when I was 18/19 and frequented The Red Lion folk club in stevenage. I still live in Stevenage with my husband. Kathy Nye (Bristow)

    • SongShepherd says:

      How good to hear from you, Kathy! I do like surprises (or the better sort anyway!). Thankyou so much for writing. We remember you and your husband.

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