Month: August 2017


For many years Marrowbones, one of the first songs I sang in folk clubs, was one of my popular all-purpose songs that I sang out of folk circles too. Well, perhaps ‘popular’ is putting it a bit strong. Nobody actually complained. The photos were all taken…


Mike Levy’s print is available as a card on etsy. Full marks to him for linking mermaid and bicycle.

When Peggy Rides Her Wheel

From ‘An Old-Fashioned Bicycle’, a unique album of veteran songs of the wheeling life compiled from early publications and folk tradition. The words are by that prolific writer Anonymous and the music, as printed with the song, is the traditional tune ‘The Low-backed Car’….

The Hippies And The Beatniks O

In the 1960s Miles Wootton up-dated one of the best-known traditional British folk songs, though it seems rather less modern and amusing now. Rather than put on photographs of hippies and beatniks (which look posed and laughably old-fashioned to me) the photos are mostly…

Cold Blows The Wind

From the album And You Sang Along, the eighth in my collection of mainly traditional songs. There are many more in the menus above.  

So Fair Are The Flowers

I heard the song at a solitary cottage on top of a hill near the sea in Dorset, sung by a few friends of my kindly host after my folk club booking. I don’t know the significance of the colours, if any, but the…

Nobody’s Come To Marry

What a lot of pictures there are of women looking from windows, something often found in traditional song too. From And You Sang Along, the 8th album in my collection of songs gathered mostly during my years in folk clubs.