Month: August 2017

The Three Sisters

I love this song and the constancy of the youngest sister.

Brigg Fair

I recorded Brigg Fair this morning.

Three Rogues Of Lynn

 The top photo is of the watermill at Narborough as I couldn’t find one at Lynn, despite the plentiful supply of water; all the others are in the pleasant town of King’s Lynn, where I sang years ago and had a fancy to live…

I Saw Stars

Words & music Maurice Sigler/Al Goodhart/Al Hoffman. There’s more about this album of oldies on Albums 6 in the menu above. Click on a pic to see them all larger. The terrestrial photos are from the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2017. I know the aurora…

An Old-Fashioned Pushbike

Here’s my hand-written introduction to a whole album of veteran bicycle songs I collected during my years touring the folk clubs up and down the country.Sadly, last week my wife had to sell her lovely Holdsworth touring cycle, her travelling companion of more than…