Month: September 2017

Sue & Ned

L Stands For London

Click a pic to see them all larger.  

Green Holly & Ivy

  Click a pic to see them all larger. The imaginative ‘quirky tweed’ wedding  photos are from, click the link for more, they’re well worth a look!  

Billy Is A Jolly Sailor

A favourite of the many gems brought to me over the years by children and adults I taught who knew I collected songs. As so often I haven’t discovered its origin. (You can click a pic and arrow through them to see them larger…

Green Grow The Leaves

A girl in a class I taught brought this rhyme in for me one day. It’s one of many songs I collected over 40 years, and one of the more mysterious. Try as I might I haven’t discovered anything about its origins, or any…

Queen’s Fancy/Jack I’ll Tickle Thee/The Slopes

I have a large collection of folk song and a very much larger collection of mostly traditional music. 320 songs have now been recorded, but only 17 tunes. I’d have done more but without a band it’s hard work trying to make a listenable…

Thornymoor Woods

There are poaching songs a-plenty in English folk tradition, and little wonder that the common people generally considered poaching acceptable since their land, and even entire villages, were taken away from them during the long period of enclosures. The ‘upper classes’ were able to…