Poor Old Man


I found this song especially useful as it was fun for children as well as adults, particularly at the close of a convivial folk club evening when the ale had flowed freely. Like all accumulative songs it isn’t meant for just listening to but singing along with, so do your best please.

Somehow I forgot all about Poor Old Man until yesterday when I realised that although I wrote the words into a book years ago, I’d never recorded the song. It came from Derek Hewitson in about 1966 (he’s still thriving). Dave Totterdell (no longer with us) got it from me in the 1970s. Now it’s your turn.

It’s possible that one or two people outside the UK may not have the benefit of long held traditions such as the Annual Wheelbarrow Race in Ponteland in Northumberland. (And you thought Morris dancing was the last word in British eccentricity.)

Thanks to Chronicle Live for the photos. There are more on flickr and a whole website about Ponteland. Click a pic to see the fun larger if it doesn’t spoil your concentration while you’re singing along.

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