Month: November 2017

The Bedmaking

Tom The Drover

A Young Man Came Courting

From the album Locks & Bolts. Photo by Scott-Wood.

The Trees They Do Grow High

Jenny, Fair Jen

Max Hunter collected ‘Jenny, Fair Jen’ from Reba Dearmore of Mountain Home, Arkansas, in 1969. The mulberry tree appears in the refrains of other versions and unrelated songs, but its significance is unclear.

Mandy’s Broadway Stroll

Written by Thomas E Broady in 1898, Mandy’s Broadway Stroll is a delightful descriptive piece quite unlike any other ragtime of the early years. The photos are of a much older Broadway than the composer had in mind, in Worcestershire, England.

Warm Days In Winter

I have a very large collection of mostly traditional tunes which I write by hand into fiddle books. This is one of my own.