Locks & Bolts

Locks&bolts This is the title track of the 17th album of songs I’d gathered over many years. The CD was a departure from the others because a pen friend from the USA had mentioned the Max Hunter Folk Song Collection at Missouri State University, one of several important audio and written collections in America.

Locks & Bolts is from Max Hunter’s 1960 field recording of Harrison Burnett of Fayetteville, Arkansas. I was much taken with his singing of this song which is by far the best version I know, though it suits me to take it at a somewhat faster pace.

The photo was taken by an old friend who spotted the door whilst on holiday in France. She sent the picture saying I might find a use for it one day. In the fullness of time it became the perfect illustration for one of my most satisfying albums.

Here’s Harrison Burnett’s original version of the song. This link will take you to the complete audio archive:     https://maxhunter.missouristate.edu

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Singer, musician & cyclist.
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