Birthday Songs

Family1.jpgToday is Saint Cecilia’s Day and my birthday. Hurrah! To celebrate everyone’s birthdays and the many hundreds of children I taught there are four songs today.

As a teacher in several large primary schools the child or children stood in front of the hall at assembly and we all sang ‘Happy Birthday To You’ on their big day. One day for a change I wrote what became known as The Nah-nah’s Song which became popular in every other school I visited. It went like this:

In another school I wrote ‘Because It’s My Birthday Again’  for some rebellious children. It usually finished with some suitably raucous cheering;

Then this one, which was followed by their own choice of song ( usually the Nah-nah’s Song):

And lastly, a song in which the audience repeated the phrase I’d just sung. (Not easy) It was for children who didn’t like standing up in front of the school while everyone sang to them: The Anti-Birthday Song Birthday Song, followed by a song of their choice:


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2 Responses to Birthday Songs

  1. Mrs Vicarage says:

    Fantastic songs! We did enjoy them. Happy birthday Mr Song Shepherd!

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