Month: November 2017

Birthday Songs

Today is Saint Cecilia’s Day and my birthday. Hurrah! To celebrate everyone’s birthdays and the many hundreds of children I taught there are four songs today. As a teacher in several large primary schools the child or children stood in front of the hall…

Willie O’ Winsbury

This is one of the better-known versions of the ancient ballad, with a lovely tune to match. The young man with ‘eyes that glanced like fire’ was with his bride at the Landshuter Hochzeit (Landshut Wedding).

Jack The Sailor

The song follows the tradition that it isn’t what you’ve got that counts, but how much of it you have. ‘Sailor’ is by Finnish artist Hugo Backmansson 1897. (1860-1953)

Just As The Tide Was Flowing

The painting is by the Swedish artist August Hagbord, 1852 -1921. The glass rolling pins with a sailor theme were very popular keepsakes in Victorian times. The song, with its familiar story and peerless tune, will be haunting me all day, and you too…

The American Stranger

Two Brothers

Irving Gordon

The Month Of May

The month of May is the traditional time, if one were to believe English folksong, for lovers to be meeting, or in this case meeting happily again.The Haymakers and Springtime were painted in Surrey, where I first drew breath, by James Thomas Linnell (1820…