Month: December 2017

Song Shepherd

All the songs I collected and some I did not, together with street rhymes, tunes, tales and monologues are here.  Thankyou to the few who write comments, ask questions, express approval, and to the many who just happen quietly by. I like hearing from…

The Broom Of The Cowdenknowes

I recorded this particularly lovely version of the song a few days ago. It’s from an 1877 Scottish songbook of mine with a lost cover. Based upon a true story, The Broom Of The Cowdenknowes was first published in 1651. The shepherdess, banished from home by…

Cold Winter’s Morning

Written by Lorna Blythe.

Deepest Love

Written by Rob Marshall.

The Half-Hitch

I had great fun recording this song of a resourceful woman for the album As Fortune Would Have It, and it always makes me smile. It was first printed in 1900 in the USA and was later recast and polished a good deal; I…

Footprints In The Snow

Warm Days In Winter

You can click on a mosaic pic and see them all full-size.