100_2187.jpg 100_2218.jpgI wrote the song with no particular end in mind, but when I had a visit from a couple of ministers asking if I could provide something for their joint church presentation in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, with some apprehension I sang G-O-D. They were unexpectedly enthusiastic and it proved something of a success as it chimed in with their attempts to galvanise the local church congregations into concerted action. It was also included in ‘Here In The Distance’, a theatre production with 21 of us – dancers, singers, actors – in an old London bus traveling about the country, partly sponsored by the British Council of Churches, and performing at no charge. The song was finally recorded for the album Close Relations (Retro in the menu has the details and photos of the band) which was great fun. If nothing else name the hymn tunes as they go by.

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