Song Shepherd

RIMG0024.jpgAll the songs I collected and a few I did not, together with street rhymes, some tunes, tales and monologues are here for your pleasure until 11 February 2018.  Thankyou to the few who wrote their comments, asked questions, expressed approval, and to the many who just happened quietly by.  There’s still time, so if you want to get in touch please use a comments box. I’d like to hear from you. Meanwhile the songs and music continue elsewhere as long as my hands can play and my voice is true.

Winchester Skating.jpgHave a happy, peaceful and fulfilling New Year not going round in circles, unless you want to!

2 thoughts on “Song Shepherd

  1. I’ve not ‘clicked’ in as often as I’ve meant to, but this beautiful labour of love has been a spot to treasure, for your knowledge and affection for the music, words and history, as well as for your own playing and singing. Thank you. At least we personally have so many of your recordings on CD, (although without the accompanying pictures, and only sometimes with the explanatory narrative!)
    Sing on Ken, in that very true voice of yours.

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