Month: December 2017

Down In Our Village

‘Down In Our Village’ was printed in York between 1803 and 1848 on a song sheet I found in the Bodleian Library, Oxford.


Reynardine is a curious traditional song that was often printed by the Victorian ballad presses. Pomeroy is a village in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

Wayfaring Stranger

Requested by Mrs SongShepherd this snowy morning; it’s one of her favourites.

Sheep Under The Snow

There’s been another deep fall of snow overnight and the town is eerily still and quiet this morning; an ideal day for staying snug at home.

The Miller’s Sons

  British folk tales and songs had it that millers were deceitful, adding chalk to the flour, overcharging and selling under weight. It’s the same caricature that says all policemen have big feet, all tailors are timid, and all famers say “oh arr!” Our…

Sally & Jemmy

Sally & Jemmy is from one of the 19th century London printing houses. The story, which did not always end so well as this version, was frequently printed by Victorian presses.  

The Lowlands Of Holland

If I had an ambition to travel abroad it would be to the lovely Netherlands and its people.