Fair Maid Walking In Her Garden

British tradition has innumerable songs telling a similar story. It’s known as a ‘broken token’ theme, in which the young man goes away to sea for an unknown number of years. Before he and his sweetheart say farewell they exchange a token of their love, usually a ring, which they sometimes break and each keeps half while they are separated.

The words are from J Pomery, aged 83, Bridport Union, (a workhouse) May 1906; The tune from Mrs Steer, South Perrott, Dorset. Collected by Henry Hammond in July 1906.

Colour photo by Michelle Taylor, Funky Celebrant. Heart knot-work by Emily Davies

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Singer, musician & cyclist.
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2 Responses to Fair Maid Walking In Her Garden

  1. Judith Griffiths says:

    Lovely to hear and see you back. Love the rope image too.

  2. songshepherd says:

    It’s good to be back! Many thanks Judith.

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