Sam Gilbert of St Mawgan East, Cornwall, sang Limady to Sabine Baring Gould in June 1904. The word ‘limady’ (in other versions lemany) is a remarkable folk memory of the Old English word, leman, meaning sweetheart.

The drawing of a view from the Sussex Downs to the sea, is from Countryside Treasures, an entirely handwritten and illustrated book by Horace Knowles, printed on uncut handmade paper and published as a limited edition in 1946.

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2 Responses to Limady

  1. Judith Griffiths says:

    A really poignant song, Ken, and such a lovely drawing too. I wonder if Horace had a particular view in mind or if this is just a ‘collective’ image? Whichever it is the perspective and landscape features are very characteristic of this area.

    • SongShepherd says:

      At school in 1960 I was given, as all we pupils were, an illustrated copy of the Bible. The artist was Horace Knowles. The pictures were the most accessible thing and in recent years I began gathering more of his work. I’ve discovered a little about the man, and his graphic style still delights me. Not long ago I was thrilled to buy the hand-printed book containing a wealth of drawings unavailable elsewhere. It’s always good to have a note on Song Shepherd from someone who also enjoys the pictures as well as the songs. Thankyou so much Judith!

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