Sheep Shearing

Sheep Shearing came from Mrs Dommett, Staplehay, Pitminster, Somerset, and was collected by Cecil Sharp on the 23rd August 1907.

I happened upon the sheep shearing pictured above as I cycled home yesterday and filmed it but I can’t get the video to display here so you must use your imagination!

There were about sixty sheep in the fold; one man put the sheep in a line up the ramp on the left, two men sheared, taking about 2 minutes per sheep, and two men (behind the tree) folded the fleece, stacked them to be loaded on the trailer and set each sheep free to join the others among the lush grass and trees. The sheep were placid throughout and glad to be free of their hot overcoats. The shearers deserved their wages. It’s back-breaking skillful work.

Girl About The Farm is a very interesting link to shearing.

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