It’s A Rosebud In June

The photos were taken on a bridleway above Andover, Hampshire, on a sultry day that made me think of this beautiful song which Farmer William King sang to Cecil Sharp in 1904.

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6 Responses to It’s A Rosebud In June

  1. Julie King says:

    William King is my ancestor and I just want to thank you for this beautiful recording of the song he used to sing. I’ve heard various versions but this one is by far my favourite, because being sung by a man, I can imagine I’m listening to him.

    • SongShepherd says:

      What a treat to get your kind comments and especially from one of William King’s descendants. You may like to know that I’ve recorded another of William’s songs: The Crystal Spring.Thank you so much for your appreciation and your story.

      • Reg King says:

        Im Julie’s Dad.
        William was my Great Grandfathers brother. I have a book with the title Tinkum Trinkums, with a section on the meeting with Cecil Sharp, and a photo of William.
        As you will know, Gustv Holst used the song in his Somerset Rhapsody.
        Many Thanks
        Reg King

      • SongShepherd says:

        Thank you so much for your message. I haven’t heard of that book and my online search hasn’t turned up a copy. I contacted the English Folk Dance & Song Society but it shows no record of the book. (Mind you, their web site creaks a bit!) Thank you for that snippet, and for sharing your interest in your ancestor’s songs. I shall enjoy looking for more of the story.

  2. Reginald King says:

    I can email or post you the extracts from “Tinkum Trinkums” if you wish. Send me an email direct .
    I’m in South Gloucestershire. Reg

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