Roger’s Courtship


Roger, in today’s traditional song, has poor dress sense which doesn’t help his attempts at courting. I doubt if having a suit knitted for him would have helped either.

Some years ago in our town we woke up one morning to find knitting and crochet on statues, post boxes, trees and railings. It was our introduction to the idea. At one time Yarn storming was done anonymously. We still don’t know who did our burst. But some of the work in the above photos was done with official permission; the bridge and the admirable contribution of Horncastle Women’s Institute for instance. I thoroughly enjoy these temporary additions to the daily scene and admire the skill, patience and inventiveness of the knitters. Daring too in the case of the undersea ladies. Click on a pic to enjoy them all a bit larger.

About SongShepherd

Singer, musician & cyclist.
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