Mr Punch & Judy Man

Punch&Judy Reuters:StefanWermuthpg

I enjoyed Punch & Judy as a boy at St Leonards-on-Sea but the photo is of Professor Mark Poulton’s show on Weymouth Beach. See more on the Weymouth P&J FB page. Thankyou Mark! Long live live theatre!

Punch & Judy Man

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4 Responses to Mr Punch & Judy Man

  1. Val says:

    I well remember seeing Punch & Judy on childhood holidays in Lowestoft Val x

  2. Mark Poulton says:

    The pic that is used is my show on Weymouth beach.
    More on the Weymouth P&J FB page😁

    • SongShepherd says:

      Many thanks for identifying your Punch & Judy show on my SongShepherd web page of almost exactly four years ago to the day! I’ve republished the page with your note for everyone to see.

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