img017.jpgConcertinas at Witney – great fun!

SongShepherd intro The instruments on my recordings:RIMG0013 1979-2011 Martin M38 This powerful guitar was with me for 32 years professional work on commercial albums and countless other recordings, not to mention folk clubs, concerts and several hundred school assemblies. A brilliant instrument and never a cross word.

DIGITAL CAMERA2008-2013 Martin 000-28VS Although I had this very comfortable guitar only five years it was my best balanced and most recorded instrument, including nearly all my archive recordings.

DSCF69942013-2015 Amalio Burguet Maple  Beautiful, sonorous and very well behaved.

100_2527100_25342015- present Martin 00-28VS A sweet-sounding, very comfortable little darlin’ and so pretty!DIGITAL CAMERA 1912 Wheatstone 48 key Aeola An excellent instrument which Steve Dickinson restored. I played it for many years of barn dance band work and occasional song accompaniments.

My ‘new’ concertina, bought in February 2019, is a 1931 Wheatstone English, that was once in the Salvation Army. Light and sweet, it’s perfect for accompanying songs.

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  1. How exciting! I like the handwritten text. Very personal & homely. 🙂

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